Darling to spend my money on X-Factor single.

I shouldn’t be surprised, really, but it’s the sheer audacity of how it has been framed that simply stuns me.

In a nutshell, he’s going to give 17.5% of the takings from the X Factor single to the relevant charity. He says he’s effectively waiving the VAT on sales of the record. Of course, he can’t do this because VAT is mandated by the EU. Instead, he’s going to find this money out of general taxation. I.e. OUR MONEY.

Via several sources, my tip came from http://devilskitchen.me.uk/2008/11/quote-of-day.html

Apparently, Alastair Darling is going to waive VAT on some single produced by numpties from piss-poor programme, The X Factor.

A charity X Factor song raising money for injured service personnel received a financial boost from the government today.

Alistair Darling in effect axed VAT on the single, Hero, sung by the 12 X Factor finalists.

The chancellor said the Treasury would make a donation to the Help for Heroes campaign equivalent to the tax revenue collected on the song.

Note the words “in effect” because they are very important: VAT is an EU controlled tax and Darling has no more power to exempt the single from VAT than he does to fly to the moon and write “Gordon Brown is a lying cunt” in the dust.

Instead, he is collecting the VAT and passing the payment to the EU as usual. Then he is going to give the equivalent of the money raised to the charity. That money, of course, has been stolen from taxpayers: it’s very easy to give away other people’s money, isn’t it?
Anyway, Trixy sums all of this up in two pithy sentences…

So really, what the Chancellor is doing here is trying to raise his own popularity by appearing to support troops injured by the war he voted for using money which isn’t his and lying about where it’s coming from.

Classy, Darling.

Quite. Cheeky thieving, lying shitbags.


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