Victim discovers victimisation is key to victimhood – and compensation

Nice little seat on the gravy train, just taken.

A married father-of three who claims he was the victim of homophobic taunts from colleagues after they found out he lived in Brighton is bringing an anti-discrimination test case.

Poor thing. :-(

Stephen English, who is heterosexual, says he was called a “faggot” and “Mr Franglais” by fellow members of staff at the blind and awning firm where he worked.

He alleges that the barbs began after a sales manager discovered that he went to boarding school and now lived in the Sussex seaside town, which has a large gay population.

Mr English, who has been married for 20 years and has three teenage children, decided to take legal action after his attendance at Brighton’s Gay Pride parade wearing “skin-tight Lycra cycling shorts” was mentioned in the Thomas Sanderson Blinds in-house magazine.

Eh? If you don’t like the stick, keep you private life private, put these pillocks in their place or get another job. What are you? A man or a… oh.. nevermind.

His lawyers told the Court of Appeal that Mr English had tried to ignore the innuendos but “over the passage of several years he found it increasingly upsetting.”

For f**k’s sake, man. Get a spine. Atop Beachy Head.



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