It may be wrong to gloat, but would you look at the silver lining!?

This whole BBC Ross/Brand thing is one of the funniest things all week. Not so much for what it says about Ross and Brand (nothing we didn’t already know or suspect), but more about the whole BBC.

I think they scented their precious licence fee in mortal danger, because they appear to have demanded that the baby throw out the bath, and water, while still in the thing.

The lewd phone calls scandal that has engulfed the BBC tonight claimed the head of the controller of Radio 2 as the corporation announced it had suspended Jonathan Ross until next year without pay.

Lesley Douglas sent her letter of resignation to Mark Thompson, the BBC Director-General, this evening following the broadcast of prank calls recorded by Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross.

Brand has already resigned from his regular presenting slot on the UK’s most popular station.

Tonight, following a four hour meeting of the BBC’s governing board, Ross was suspended from all broadcasting for the BBC for 12 weeks, ending in mid-January 2009.

The most important thing about this is a glorious and wholly unexpected outcome, which is the resignation of Lesley Douglas who, as head of lesbians and thickos for BBC 6music, has been responsible for recruiting, retaining and defending the uniquely plankular George Lamb.

George likes N’Sync and Mint Sauce

There has been a protracted campaign to stop this arsehole from polluting what is supposed to be a music lovers’ station with his brainless and infantile ‘banter’, which has fallen on the deaf ears of Ms. Douglas.

Lesley Douglas, yesterday.

I hope, therefore, that there will be a new head of 6Music who will skin that turd, Lamb, and roll him in salt before sending him to Radio Sunderland on a free transfer, where he will be kicked to death every time he draws breath.

George Lamb’s career, tomorrow.

The George Lamb thread over at the 6music message boards is a thing of awe.


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