Be Gone, Hectoring Inanimate Objects.

Increasingly, inanimate objects are being imbued with the will to hector us with falsehoods.

Laws (frequently from the EU) dictate that the rulers’ messages be delivered to us day and night, in our own homes and without our ability to opt out. Okay, it’s not the telescreen from 1984, but think about this:

Cars must provide a crescendo of “BING BING BING BING BEEPEDY BEEPEDY BING” until we put our seatbelts on. Yet the theory of risk compensation says that driver wearing seatbelts are less attentive to other road users than drivers without a seatbelt. (Adams J., Risk, 1995)

Cigarette packets must be adorned with an escalating scale of admonishments (some of them, such as the passive smoking ones, being patently unproven), which has just recently culminated in the UK following Canada in putting pictures of grotty lungs and suchlike on fag packets.

My mobile phone, a new one for work, has just displayed the message: “Battery full. Unplug charger to save energy”. Shall I? Do you think? According to my inline power meter, which I use for auditing my electicity use, a Nokia charger draws about 2 watts when not charging. Per day that’s 0.002×24 = 0.048 kWh. 1 kWh costs, say £0.15, so I could save £0.00072 per day – yes, that’s a whole 27 pence A YEAR!!!! I could save. Or I could check under the cushions on the couch and leave the damned charger right where it is.

My point, if any, is that life, even in the home is being steadily intruded upon by messages of instruction, interdiction, emotional blackmail and downright falsehood as a manifestation of the state’s insistence upon judging and ‘correcting’ our every move.

It is yet another reason why I wish the state locally, nationally, continentally and globally to get the hell out of my face with it’s risk-averse, pussy-arsed, nagging shite. And while I’m on the matter of risk aversion, anyone who can say the words ‘precautionary principle’ without wanting to kill the next flourescent-tabbard wearing twat they see should leave the room. Just bugger right off.


PS – If you say ‘risk adverse‘ you’re a moron and you should sod off as well.


About Al Jahom
Anti-social malcontent, misanthrope and miserable git.

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